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Smart Lockers Support Mobile Phone Ban in Schools

Ministers have recently confirmed the plan to ban the use of mobile phones in schools and have released a Guidance for Schools which supports headteachers in prohibiting this.


The restrictions come in the hope that banning mobile phones will increase student concentration, enhance student well-being, and minimise the risk of associated cyberbullying.




As schools adapt to these new guidelines, investing in reliable storage solutions is essential to securely manage confiscated phones. One of the most effective solutions for secure device storage is through Smart Lockers and Storage & Charging Solutions, providing a comprehensive approach that simplifies the management of confiscated phones for both staff and students.


With over 20 years of experience in supporting educational institutions, LapSafe® offers a range of intelligent solutions that ensure the safety of devices while also providing convenient access when needed.


Top Solutions in Education


Diplomat™ Pro Smart Locker

Envoy™ Smart Locker

ChargeLite™ Storage & Charging Solution

Mentor™ Storage & Charging Solution

LapSafe®’s solutions use various locking methods, including keyed locks, MIFARE®, Barcode, QR code, Biometric, and Magnetic Stripe, allowing schools to choose the option that best fits their security protocols. Administrators can easily grant access to authorised personnel while ensuring that confiscated phones remain safely stored away, providing peace of mind for educators and students.


LapSafe® solutions not only address the need for secure storage but can also offer charging capabilities, ensuring that devices are powered up and ready for use when returned to students.




By implementing these secure solutions, schools can effectively enforce the mobile phone ban while also promoting a safer and more focused learning environment. With the right tools in place, educators can support the desire to enhance student concentration and student foster well-being.


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