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The best placement for your Smart Solutions

Choosing the best placement for your Smart Solutions is crucial for maximising their efficiency and impact. Whether you're in education, healthcare, retail, or smart offices, strategic placement can greatly enhance the user experience and streamline processes.


LapSafe Smart Lockers in University Corridor


LapSafe®’s Smart Locker features include automated asset loaning, seamless drop-off & collect procedures, hot locker convenience, and remote ‘break/fix’ maintenance.


Our Smart Peripheral Vending Machine issues IT equipment such as keyboards, headsets, charging cables, mice, webcams, and much more.


With the array of benefits these intelligent features bring, it is understandable why your Smart Solution placement is so essential.


Here, we share where our customers have placed their Smart Solutions and seen success in their workflows:




Smart Lockers have revolutionised many of our educational customers. We have seen these placed in libraries, corridors, and common rooms, placing them in high-traffic areas ensures easy accessibility for students and staff alike.


Smart Offices


More and more offices are becoming ‘smart’, using various technologies and devices to enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. We have seen these modern offices placing their Smart Lockers near meeting rooms and collaborative areas to facilitate seamless equipment sharing and streamline workflows. Employees can conveniently access IT peripherals when needed, enhancing productivity and collaboration.




You will now find many of our Smart Solutions within the healthcare sector. To provide medical staff with quick access many of our customers have placed their solutions in high-volume areas, such as corridors and receptions. Whether it's providing quick access to devices, automated services, or IT peripherals for administrative tasks, strategic placement has optimised their workflow efficiency.


Retail, Warehousing, & Distribution


Our retail, warehousing, and distribution customers commonly place their Smart Solutions in staff rooms, ensuring staff can easily access devices and IT peripherals needed for customer service or administrative tasks, this placement has improved overall efficiency.


The success of your Smart Solutions relies not only on their functionality but also on their placement within your environment. By strategically positioning Smart Lockers and Smart Vending Machines in high-traffic areas relevant to your industry, you can unlock their full potential and revolutionise your processes.


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If you’d like to delve more into our solutions, visit our Smart Locker page and/or our Storage & Charging Solutions page.

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