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What is a Peripheral Vending Machine?

You hear the words ‘Vending Machine’ and your mind automatically goes to the conventional food and drink machines. However, vending machines have evolved, and they have become a whole lot ‘smarter’.


These intelligent solutions are now used to issue physical and virtual items around the clock, prompting many organisations to incorporate these into their working environments to issue out IT equipment.


This automated, self-service process speeds up practices, saves on resources, and enhances productivity.


LapSafe®'s Smart Peripheral Vending Machine


Here, we shine the spotlight on our Smart Peripheral Vending Machine, answering key questions and delving into its game-changing functionalities:


What equipment can be issued within a Smart Vending Machine?


Our Peripheral Vending Machine is designed to support many IT equipment such as keyboards, headsets, charging cables, mice, webcams, and many more IT peripherals. This 24/7, self-service access provides convenience, streamlines work processes, and enhances productivity.


How does the end-user access equipment?


User authorisation is granted by scanning their existing ID card, fob, or biometrics at the easy-to-use terminal. All transactions are recorded to allow administrators to monitor user and asset patterns.


What administrator control is available?


ONARKEN® software platform provides a centralised hub for managing your equipment inventory, allowing you to oversee and control all equipment allocation, tracking, and maintenance aspects.


Administrators can access detailed reports and analytics within ONARKEN®, these reports gain valuable insights into equipment usage patterns, trends, and performance. This helps to make more informed decisions and optimise operations.


What are the benefits?


Implementing a Peripheral Vending Machine into your organisation provides a multitude of benefits for the end-user, IT service providers, and workplace processes:


Streamlines Processes

Optimises Workflows

Enhanced Productivity

Simplifies Equipment Management

Maximises Efficiency

Improved Maintenance and Servicing

Reduces IT Site Visits

Improved Quality of Service

24/7 Accessibility

Increased Self-Service

How cost-effective is a Peripheral Vending Machine?


A Smart Peripheral Vending Machine is extremely cost-effective; saving time, money, and resources, and even supports an eco-friendlier approach.


The self-service functionality allows the end-user to access equipment themselves more promptly and with convenience, cancelling out any wait time and allowing productivity to continue. IT support staff also save a significant amount of time, instead of manually issuing equipment, the time can be used to focus on other pivotal tasks.


The ONARKEN® reports feature provides organisations with statistics that will help them to make more informed decisions on expenses, ensuring budgets are not exceeded and costs are adequately used. This report can show equipment trends, and monitor individual and department usage, this information also gives a better understanding of where equipment is most needed.


This Smart Solution allows organisations to buy equipment in bulk and store them securely within the vending machine. Bulk buying can save a significant amount of money on equipment and courier fees, which contributes to the overall cost-saving advantages.


Fewer deliveries and site visits support a more eco-friendly approach; reducing miles cuts back on harmful carbon emissions and improves air quality. LapSafe® is a green company, with highly sustainable solutions, you can find out more about our practices, here.


Can I incorporate a Smart Vending with a Smart Locker?


An organisation with the combined offerings of Smart Vending Machines and Smart Lockers, takes its asset management to a revolutionary level of success. The two systems give you access to a unified and synchronised environment that streamlines equipment management processes.


Both Smart Solutions integrate with our software management platform, ONARKEN®. One of the key features of our software includes third-party integrations, and a variety of API options can seamlessly integrate with company systems and platforms like ServiceNow®, Freshservice®, Paxton and many SIP2 Library Management Systems.


In what sector is a Smart Vending Machine most suited?


Any large organisation can benefit from a Smart Vending Machine; educational institutes, healthcare facilities, Smart Offices, and even Law Enforcement operations now use these innovative solutions to provide a more efficient, reliable workplace.


How long is the sales process?


LapSafe® aim to deliver, install, and commission your product in 12 weeks.


Once complete, all our solutions come with an extensive warranty and continuous support from our team.


Still have further questions?


Check out our Smart Peripheral Vending page or visit our FAQs section. If you’d like to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly experts, fill out the Contact Form.


Visit, our Smart Locker page to find out how these solutions can also benefit your organisation.

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