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Bespoke e-Sourcing Software
Make the software your own Import your participant database and create groups - Import your participants and create defined groups and supply pools for precision machinists, investment casters or office supplies companies, for example. This gives you your own categorised participant base. Create a document library - Some documents you may wish to attach to an event time and again, such as a list of delivery addresses or your standard terms and conditions. Upload them once to your library so for each new event you can add them at a click of a button. Event cloning and templates - Once you’ve run a successful event and wish to run another with a similar make-up, you can clone an event for immediate use. Have the options to clone the settings, the questionnaires, the Lots, the documents and even the Participants. Repeatability is a doddle with this. We also allow you to save your favorite templates for the questionnaires whether they are for RFPs, surveys or PQQs. Use your own logo and company colours - Brand our software in your own logo and menu colours to give your Hosts and Participants a bespoke experience. This white-labelling is instant and costs nothing. Data export - When all is over and your event has been a success, all our results are exportable via CSV or xlsx format. This lets you analyse the results off-line or plug the results into your report or back into your ERP system. Online message board - Market Dojo provides an online integrated message board to handle all your communications with participants throughout the process. For efficient real-time communication to keep a level playing field.

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