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IB0605 - MIG Tip Dip Gel 500ml - Sif
 Sif Tip Dip Gel for MIG and TIG Torches

This tip dip gel is ideal for prolonging the life of your consumable parts on both your MIG torch and your TIG torch. If you don't like seeing money go to waste by using lots of contact tips and shrouds then invest in a tin of this gel. 

To use simply use your torch for a short while to get it hot and then dip the tip of the torch into the gel. Just 15mm - 25mm dipped should be enough. You can then start welding again with no problems yet have the benefit of improved heat resistance and lower levels of spatter adhesion. Re-apply as required - if working throughout the day apply once an hour for best results.

Benefits of SIF tip dip gel

Using tip dip on your MIG and also your TIG shrouds and consumables you will extend the life dramatically. Not only will you spend less on MIG shrouds and contact tips you will have a better gas flow thanks to the easy removal of build up.
The gel is odourless, non-toxic, non-flammable, silicone free, drip resistant and it is clean to use to name but a few more.

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