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OA 0253 - Drill Bit 10,00mm Dia. HSS-R 10 pc Pack
Pack 10 drills the same diameter for drilling holes in metal.
Drill bit size information;
Diameter: 10.00 mm
Overall length:  133mm
Working length: 87mm

A spiral roll-milled drill bit made from high-grade, high speed steel according to DIN 338. This drill bit is a regular right-hand cutting type N bit. It has a cone shaped shell with a polished surface with an angle of 118° and has a diameter tolerance of h8. 
The HSS-R drill bits are black in colour and are suitable for drilling steel, non-ferrous metals and cast steel. 
Up to 900 N/mm² tensile strength.

Top quality drill bits for metal from Metabo in ecconomic packs of 10 pcs for the larger drill sizes you use more of every day, every essential size you will ever need with drills from 1,0mm to 10mm in packs of 10 pieces and in packs of 5 pieces for 10 mm plus. sizes available in 0.1mm increments manufactured from High Speed Steel and "Rolled" into shape means these drill bits are lower in cost than drills produced by other methods, however being "rolled" means that these bits are well suited to being used in hand held power tools as they are more resistant to shocks caused by snagging.
The cutting edge may not last as long as other drill bit types but will be much less likely to chip or break should the bit snag. 


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