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Aertek AirJet High Speed Low Energy Hand Dryer
The Premium AirJet High Speed Hand Dryers are Energy Efficient. AirJet Dry Hands twice as fast as most other high powered hand dryers offering up to 70% energy savings compared to some conventional hand dryers.

The unique design boosts a range of additional features which make the product suitable for almost any application. The heater elements can be set to between 450 and 900 W, enabling the unit to be used in a variety of washroom applications from schools to construction sites. Another feature is the blue led which provides a visible indication of the drying zone ensuring that the user’s hands are always in the warm air stream. Ideal for sports centres, pubs, restaurants, hotels and airports. They are solid, robust and stylish and come with a 5 year warranty.

The AirJet hand dryer has an indicator LED on the front of the hand dryer and shines a blue light on your hands when hand drying is in operation.

The AirJet warm air, high speed, low energy hand dryers are more energy efficient, promote cost savings, improve hygiene, are environmentally friendly and are easy to maintain.

Pair Jet Hand Dryer is also available as a recessed model with incorporated drip tray.

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