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Bactericidal Impregnated Wipes
Washroom Hygiene Monitor Washroom Monitor The Washroom Hygiene Monitor offers visual reassurance to customers and acts as a prompt for cleaning staff.

A battery-operated wall-mounted digital countdown clearly indicates when the facilities were last cleaned, and when the next inspection / cleaning is due, resettable with a magnetic 'wand'. Regularly checked facilities ensure that customers always find your facilities the way you would like them to find them.

With the Washroom Hygiene Monitor you can be certain that your customers will feel comfortable in the knowledge that they will always find your facilities in the optimum condition. The 'Sani Seat' Toilet Seat Sanitiser provides the individual with the opportunity to clean the seat effectively before use. Even toilet seats that seem clean can be heavily contaminated with bacteria. The Sani Seat is used to spray a quick-drying chemical onto tissue to wipe the toilet seat, providing extra piece of mind. Also available in handy, flushable, bactericidal impregnated wipes.

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