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Tullow Street is the main shopping street in Carlow Town. The street was partially pedestrianised ten years ago when it was re-paved. The delineation between pedestrian and vehicular traffic was marked by colour and texture change across the level surface. Railings positioned intermittently along the street helped to mark change from road to footpath. Since the street’s last revamp it was often criticized for the lack of contrast between the street furniture, the road and the pavement. It posed particular difficulty for the visually impaired as the paving and furniture was said to appear as one single grey mass. Carlow Town Council saw the opportunity to use brightly coloured street furniture to improve access to the street for the visually and physically impaired. Omos’ ‘t’ range was seen as a product which could achieve this goal. The simple yet bold design is intended to be finished in vibrant colours and be set against a grey backdrop so providing colour punctuation to the streetscape.

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