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9.	The industries achieving the perfect look with our wiring

Appearance isn’t everything when it comes to wiring. What matters most is the integrity of your build and how

effectively your wiring is implemented. But what if you’re building a new hotel and want it to look clean and pristine?

Or you’re sculpting an eye-catching art piece and don’t want wires taking pride of place on your work?

We know that strength and integrity shouldn’t compromise the appearance of wiring, a material that (unless otherwise stated by a client) should be as subtle as possible, disappearing in a structure like a chameleon on a rock.


Whether in an aesthetic context or not, your wiring should match its surroundings while still providing you with the optimal usability you’d expect.


To prove the point, we’ve come up with a few examples of some ideal places where our wire has been used, and the amazing ways that they’ve melded with the products they support.


Art and sculpture


Being a top-grade artist isn’t solely about creating whatever’s in your head and crossing your fingers that people enjoy it. If you’re planning to make a large-scale sculpture, you’ll need the brains of an architect as well as the creative spirit of a true artist.


We’ve developed a strong relationship with many of the leading artists across the country, and they all turn to us to provide wiring that can support even the most elaborate structures they’ve devised.


A combination of stainless steel wire rope, micro-cables and brass ferrules, gripple rope grips and superclamps can be used to hold up (or hold in place) structures, allowing them to be suspended high in the air. To find out more, check out our blogs on the latest sculpture to be supported by us or take a look at our relationship with Barbara Franc and Thomas Heatherwick.


Building work


Successful wiring is vital to the effective placement of many components of a great building, like the implementation of lighting, the building of certain mechanisms for windows and much more.


Many companies approach us needing the best wiring options for incredibly intricate projects. To give them a pointer, we’ve developed a series of white papers like this one for lighting, all of which detail how our wiring can be implemented without spoiling the aesthetics of your new building.


Special projects


Everything we’re asked to do is special, but some requests are more leftfield than others. Our back catalogue is brimming with special requests, one of which was the development of a replica of tripwire used during the Cold War. The aim – to teach operatives how to disarm potential antipersonnel devices.


In this case, creating a facsimile of Cold War tripwire was key in terms of look, durability and texture.


These special projects test our mettle but we’ve always risen to the challenge. To find out more about how you can achieve the perfect look with our wiring, explore the rest of our site or get in touch today.

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