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Rebuild of Rustronic Turbine Control cabinet
REBUILD OF THE RUSTRONIC TURBINE CONTROL CABINET Paramount has recently announced the extension of its repair capabilities to include the rebuild of: Rustronic Turbine Control Cabinet What is the Rustronic Turbine Control Cabinet? A gas turbine generator control. Where is it used ? In the main, in the Petro-Chemical industry. What was the challenge Paramount was requested by our customer to make a working reconditioned control cabinet from two old cabinets. Here is an extract from his original enquiry: "We have another job due to be undertaken this year using a Rustronic Norbit control system for which the client requires full refurbishment. I have in mind to withdraw all the control chassis and send them to Paramount for cleaning, repair and refurbishment, as necessary. .We have recently purchased a similar control suite and therefore have spares as required, in addition to those un-repaired PCB items that you hold on our behalf." The job involved stripping and cleaning the 8 chassis, and repairing all the cards. Disassembly of the chassis, cleaning the chassis components, and reassembling the chassis. We replaced missing and broken switches, indicators, and meters as required, and checked the wiring loom repairing / replacing as required

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