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Repair of CML/Entek 6600 Series Machine Protection Monitors
Repair of CML/Entek 6600 Series Machine Protection Monitors : Paramount has recently announced the extension of its repair capabilities to include the repair of: CML/ENTEK 6600 SERIES MACHINE PROTECTION MONITORS The CML/Entek 6600 Series is a euro rack mount Machine Protection Monitoring System which is predominantly used in gas turbine power generation installations around the world. Originally they were made by CML and later by Entek The purpose of the CML/Entek 6600 Machine Protection Monitor is to detect signs of mechanical wear or failure in, for example, rotary thrust bearings and warn the operator or shut down the machinery before a catastrophic melt down can occur, which would result in down time and immense repair cost. What's New? Paramount has developed testing and calibration techniques, for the 6600 series in its sophisticated electronic repair facilities in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the UK. Customers requiring a repair of a 6600 series System shelf or Card can send it to, or have it collected by, Paramount with the assurance that it can be returned in working condition in just a few days. The savings in both time and money are significant for customers with installations that must be maintained in full working order. We regret that Service Exchange is not available at the moment.

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