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Drum Tippers
Pharmatech Drum Tippers Pharmatech Tippers are designed to minimise manual handling when working with drums and kegs. Pharmatech Tippers incorporate the following features: Designs available to suit all sizes and styles of drums and kegs (inc. metal, plastic and fibre-board) Ex rated models available Capacities up to 250kg Robust construction Axis of rotation up to 1.5m from floor level CE Marked Machines customised to meet user?s requirements Local or remote controls GMP correct enclosed design reduces cleaning time Stainless steel casing Lifting cradle bases to allow drums of different heights to be used in the same cradle Quiet in operation Through-wall installations for clean applications Low maintenance 180° Tippers This style of machine rotates the container through 180°. The container can then be emptied under gravity into a receiving machine or hopper. During emptying the container is completely inverted. Typical applications for 180° Tippers include: • Loading reactors • Discharging into Through-Floor-Feeders • Discharging into Vacuum Transfer or Spiral Conveyor hoppers For further applications contact Pharmatech. For full product information download the brochure. Drum Washer (180° Tipper) The machine shown is used to invert containers over a washing lance, which then sprays the inside. 180° Drum Tipper loading a reactor NB. this style of tipper clamps the drum from underneath - this allows drums of different heights to be used on the same tipper 135° Tippers This style of machine rotates the container through 135° from the vertical. The container is emptied under gravity into a receiving machine or hopper. Ideal for loading hoppers, coating machines, inspection tables etc. • Cradles with a full cone and flow control valve • Adjustable drum restraint systems Drum Tipper The above tipper is designed to pour tablet cores into a coating machine. Customised Design All Pharmatech Tippers are individually designed and constructed to meet your exact requirements. Datasheets are available options. CAD drawings are also available for planning-in. Contact Pharmatech for details. 90° Tippers This style of machine rotates the container through 90° from the vertical. They are ideal for presenting drums and kegs at the correct height for manual emptying eg. at a weighing bench 1. Loading Position 2. Raising the Drum 3. Load at 90°, ready for dispensing Case Study The Tipper shown was supplied, by Pharmatech Ltd., as part of a complete processing station. The product is supplied in a fibre keg with a polythene liner. The requirement was to mill the product whilst keeping dust creation to a minimum. The milled product is weighed into stainless steel drums which are then removed to the next processing stage. • Built in Conical Mill • Tipper loaded from a roller conveyor • Large inversion hopper - prevents polythene liner from entering mill • Fibre keg clamps to hopper • Dust Cap Seals used for dust tight connections • Pre-conditioning breaks down the largest lump prior to milling Special 180° Tipper Pharmatech Hoists For applications where a Tipper may not be the best solution Pharmatech supply a range of hoists - go to Hoists page • Loads up to 4 Tonnes • Columns up to 17m in height • Able to handle loads of any shape • Each machine designed to meet customer requirements • Hydraulic or electromechanical operation • ATEX rated • Suitable for use in hygienic GMP environments • Validation documentation

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