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Drums & Vessels
he PharmaDrum™ System GMP correct Processing Grade Drums Pharmatech has developed a range of high quality drums and accessories that are ideal for use as processing containers within GMP environments. The requirements of a GMP correct processing container are much greater than the requirements of a basic transport container - hence the need for PharmaDrums™. For full product information download the brochure. PharmaDrum™ - more than just a transport drum Drum Based Processing Systems Why Choose a Drum Based Processing System? PharmaDrums™ make an ideal low cost processing container for batches up to 500 litres. Typically the cost of a PharmaDrum™ will be approximately 25% of the equivalent IBC cost. Pharmatech has supplied innovative drum processing systems to pharmaceutical companies around the world, we have supplied all types from small R&D companies right through to the major multi-nationals. Please contact us for a reference list. Drum with Cone Attachment The modern approach to batch processing Features of a PharmaDrum™ Each PharmaDrum™ is packed full of features that make it easy to use and easy to look after. Fully Welded Construction PharmaDrums™ have a fully welded, crevice-free interior, this helps to prevent cross contamination and facilitates thorough cleaning. Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel PharmaDrums™ are manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel to build in strength and provide a long life. 316L stainless steel is used as standard for maximum corrosion protection. Drum Diagram GMP correct Top Rim PharmaDrums™ are available with either a solid top rim or a rolled top rim. For GMP Correct applications we recommend a solid top rim. The advantage of the solid rim is that the under side of the rim is smooth and crevice free. This means that there are no traps for product or biological contamination. Where a crevice under the rim is not an issue a rolled rim is available at lower cost. A solid rim is also stronger than a rolled rim. Self Emptying Swages PharmaDrums™ are manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel and so do not require swages to give them additional rigidity. Swages are recommended if the drum is to be mechanically handled. PharmaDrums™ have asymmetric swages that are designed to shed product when inverted (poorly designed round swages are well known to hold product). The method of emptying the drum will determine the orientation of the swages. Easy Clean Base PharmaDrums™ are manufactured with a carefully contoured base to provide maximum strength, be easily cleanable and ensure stability under all load conditions. ‘O’ Ring Seals Standard ‘O’ Ring seals are manufactured from white, virgin silicone rubber (to FDA/CFR standard 177.2600). For more demanding applications ‘O’ rings are available manufactured from the following polymers: - PTFE coated silicone - Viton - EPDM - Fluorosilicone PharmaDrum™ - Product Contact Parts 316L stainless steel Silicone rubber (FDA/CFR) acceptable grade Non-Product Contact Parts 304 stainless steel (clampband) Standard Finish Internal - 1.0µm Ra (240 grit) welds ground and polished External - 1.0µm Ra (240 grit) welds left as laid, crevice free and blended in Other finishes available on request Documentation Certificate of Conformity (free of charge) Material Certificates (extra cost option) Other documentation is available at extra cost GMP Marking Lids and bodies to be etched with a unique identification number Customer specific information can also be etched - ask for details 25 50 100 Standard 100 Squat 150 200 300 400 50

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