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Improved Viral RNA Extraction from Nasal and Throat Swab samples
The Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column from Porvair Sciences maximises the yield and quality of viral RNA extracted from nasal and throat swab samples. The easy-to-use spin column offers a fast and efficient ‘one-stop’ alternative to using traditional syringe and needle homogenisation techniques. Employing a novel dual frit extraction design the Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column reduces lysate viscosity and captures insoluble debris by centrifugation. The homogenised lysate sample is then ready for RNA extraction. Employed as a single-use consumable - the Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column eliminates the possibility of sample cross contamination. Fully compatible with all manual RNA extraction kits - the Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column provides an ideal sample preparation solution for RNA miniprep and midiprep. To download an application note describing preparation of nasal or throat swabs for downstream RNA extraction please visit or contact Porvair Sciences at (EU / RoW) / (USA) or call +44 1978 666222 / +1 856 696 3605. Porvair Sciences, together with JG Finneran and Porvair Kbiosytems are global manufacturers of consumables and instruments for life science and analytical workflows. From microplate technologies, glass vials, assay kits to automated laboratory equipment, the group is committed to equipping customers with high quality products for improved analysis and increased productivity to accelerate scientific discovery with integrity.

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