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Low Profile Microplates Optimise Space Utilisation
Porvair Sciences low profile microplates offer the highly efficient use of stacking space that is essential to achieving efficient automation workflows. Designed to deliver a sample volume of 0.5ml / well in a plate height of just 27mm, these low-profile 96-well microplates are ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare storage applications. Precisely manufactured to comply with ANSI/SLAS dimensions these high-quality plates are fully compatible with all manual and robotic sample handling systems. Requiring 30% less space than standard 96-well deep well microplates, Porvair low profile microplates optimize storage space, thereby also lowering the unit cost of cryogenically storing samples. Available sterile or non-sterile, Porvair low profile 96-well deep well microplates are manufactured from RNase / DNase-free, low leachables polypropylene that undergoes extensive quality testing to ensure a product of the highest quality. Offering high chemical and temperature resistance (-196 °C to +121 °C) the design of these autoclavable low profile microplates includes a U-bottom to enable maximum liquid uptake, alphanumeric well coding for easy sample tracking and raised well rims to enable easy, high integrity sealing. For further information please visit or contact Porvair Sciences at (EU / RoW) / (USA) or call +44 1978 666222 / +1 800 552 3696. Porvair Sciences, together with JG Finneran and Porvair Kbiosytems are global manufacturers of consumables and instruments for life science and analytical workflows. From microplate technologies, glass vials, assay kits to automated laboratory equipment, the group is committed to equipping customers with high quality products for improved analysis and increased productivity to accelerate scientific discovery with integrity.

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