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Novotema joins IDEX Sealing Solutions
purchase agreement has been signed that will see Novotema S.p.A. based in Villongo Italy, join IDEX Sealing Solutions alongside Precision Polymer Engineering. We are delighted to announce the signing of a definitive Purchase Agreement for IDEX Italy Srl (a subsidiary of IDEX Corp.) to acquire Novotema S.p.A., based in Villongo, Italy. The deal is subject to the successful filing with German regulators which should result in approval within 30 days. During this period the current ownership will continue to operate the business as usual. Novotema will become part of the IDEX Sealing Solutions (ISS) platform and as such will join with Precision Polymer Engineering Limited (PPE) and FTL Technologies Limited (FTL) in our family of businesses. The focus of ISS will continue to be sealing solutions and elastomer components for demanding applications. Novotema adds new capabilities in custom injection molding which is a perfect compliment to the existing capabilities in ISS. PPE and Novotema already have a business relationship in fulfilling the needs of customers and this closer alliance will facilitate the growth of new opportunities for both companies. This announcement represents the latest step in developing the future direction of both Novotema and ISS. Coming together under IDEX ownership will expand the manufacturing capabilities of the sealing platform and allow the businesses to address new global opportunities. The financial strength of IDEX as an industrial group and its on-going commitment to building a global sealing platform will facilitate further investments. This will ensure a stronger future for all ISS companies as well as new opportunities for all the individuals in the businesses.

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