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Spicy promotions!

Spicy promotions!
Here's an idea you probably haven't thought of! Promotional herbs and spices. Why might this work? Well firstly the recipient will be impressed/surprised/delighted/amused (delete as applicable) when you hand over your box of spices with the lid branded in your colours. One thing they won't be is bored by it! Secondly, they will surely use them at home where they are more relaxed and more receptive to your message. Thirdly, they are the solution to a problem, the age old problem of 'what's for tea tonight?'. These are not just random collections of spices, but specific spices to go with the recipe contained within the package. And finally, they give you exposure because each box contains enough spices to make 4 meals for 4. So you will remain on the shelf for as long as it takes them to chomp their way through the contents and longer in the memory still.

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