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Exploring the Benefits of Protectapeel

In the fast-paced world of construction time is money, and every minute counts.


From protecting surfaces during construction to minimising damage and cleaning costs in the long run, efficiency is paramount. Enter Protectapeel a game-changing solution that not only protects surfaces from damage but also saves precious time and resources on-site.


Let's delve into how Protectapeel revolutionises the construction industry by optimising both time and money.


Fast Application


Traditional surface protection methods often involve lengthy application processes with measuring, cutting and taping down.


Protectapeel is quickly applied by airless spray to flat and shaped surfaces. It provides seamless coverage in a fraction of the time, allowing construction projects to progress swiftly without compromising on protection.


Superior Protection


Time is of the essence in construction, which is why once Protectapeel is applied, it forms an air-tight bond with no adhesion loss. This saves time as unlike other surface protection methods, Protectapeel does not require reapplying.


Protectapeel protects internally and externally for up to 12 months and will reduce repairs, replacements and cleaning costs on-site!


Quick Removal


The true measure of greatness often lies not just in application but in the ease and efficiency of removal. Unlike other protection methods, Protectapeel is quickly removed by hand peeling - removing all dust/dirt from the surface, reducing replacement and cleaning costs! Protectapeel is easily condensed down into a small ball, placed in our recycle bags and returned to us for recycling for free*!

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