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Protectapeel Anti Rust The Revolutionary Solution Against Rust

Rust is the nemesis of metal surfaces and can wreak havoc on the surface’s integrity. Whether it's unsightly blemishes or the gradual degradation of vital infrastructure, rust poses a significant challenge. However, a game-changer has emerged - Protectapeel Anti-Rust.


Rust, known as iron oxide, forms when iron or its alloys are exposed to moisture and oxygen for extended periods. This chemical reaction corrodes the metal, weakening its structural integrity and compromising its functionality. From bridges to pipelines, rust's impact is far-reaching and costly.

Protectapeel Anti Rust

Protectapeel Anti-Rust at its core is a peelable protective coating that forms a robust barrier between metal surfaces and the elements.


How It Works


Protectapeel is easily and quickly applied by airless spray gun, brush or roller, making it ideal for protecting shaped or curved surfaces. Protectapeel dries to form an air-tight protective barrier, this barrier effectively blocks moisture and oxygen, the primary catalysts of rust formation, from reaching the metal surface. As a result, even in harsh environments, the protected metal remains pristine and corrosion-free.

spray on anti rust protective coating

Key Features and Benefits:


Peelable: Unlike traditional protection that requires solvents to be removed, Protectapeel boasts a peelable formulation. When required, Protectapeel can be effortlessly peeled away, leaving behind a clean, undamaged surface.


Ultimate Protection: Protectapeel Anti-Rust has withstood independent testing of 1,440 hours of salt spray testing. The coating provides up to 24 months of protection and stops the rusting process. 


Environmentally Friendly: In an era increasingly focused on sustainability, Protectapeel stands out as an eco-conscious choice. Protectapeel is a water-based protective coating that requires no solvents to remove, it is simply removed by hand peeling. Protectapeel is also easily condensed down into a small ball and disposed of as domestic waste.


Save Time: When removed, the surface is clean and undamaged and ready for painting and assembly, Protectapeel prevents the need for shot blasting or preparing the surface for painting.


Protectapeel Anti-Rust emerges as a formidable ally against the longstanding battle with rust.  With its innovative peelable formulation, protective features and eco-friendly credentials, Protectapeel Anti-Rust heralds a new era in rust prevention. Embrace Protectapeel, and bid farewell to rust-induced woes.

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