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Studio Chic: A Closer Look at QVC's Floor Protection Coating

The multinational television network and online retailer QVC (Quality, Value and Convenience) feature live shows where hosts present and demonstrate various products allowing viewers to purchase in real time. QVC UK have used Protectapeel protective coating to protect the studio floors at the broadcasting facility in London.


QVC UK have used Protectapeel peelable protective coating for the painted studio floors for many years now. The idea is that they apply the peelable layer straight on the vinyl floor base then paint over it. As you’d imagine, studio floors and infinity coves need re-painting very often so a thick heavy layer of paint builds up over time. When the paint gets to a certain thickness after a few dozen coats, they simply just peel Protectapeel up and start again.

“Our overall experience of Protectapeel is excellent, I would absolutely recommend the product to anyone! The staff are also very nice and offer great customer service.”

Chip Tomlin, Sets & Props Manager - QVCUK

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