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The Time Factor: Comparing Application Time for Optimal Surface Protection

In the fast-paced world of construction time is money, and every minute counts.


Within the construction industry, efficiency and productivity are key to staying competitive and profitable. Time wasted on a construction site can lead to increased costs, delayed project completion, and dissatisfied clients. So why let your surface protection let you down?

applying protective film as surface protection



Applying protective film can be time-consuming due to the need for measuring and cutting to size. For larger surfaces, it often requires two people to ensure proper coverage.


Did you know that applying protective film takes nearly twice as long as using Protectapeel?

applying protective board as surface protection

PROTECTIVE BOARD Applying protective board is labour-intensive as it requires measuring and cutting to fit the exact dimensions - which can be a meticulous task. Additional materials such as suction pads may also be needed to fix it in place. Did you know that applying protective board takes four times longer than Protectapeel?

applying protectapeel protective coating for surface protection



Protectapeel is quickly applied by airless spray gun, requiring no measuring or cutting to size! It takes approximately 49 seconds to apply per m²!


Using Protectapeel on construction sites significantly saves time due to its quick and efficient application process. This innovative peelable protective coating can be easily applied to surfaces, drying to form a durable shield against damage.


By reducing the time needed for traditional protection methods and minimizing the risk of surface repairs, Protectapeel allows construction teams to focus on critical tasks, enhancing overall productivity and ensuring projects stay on schedule.


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