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Fastest Hot Tack Tester on the market?

Is this the speediest hot tack tester in the market?

To keep up with the lightning pace of today’s production lines, manufacturers require packaging that can endure the challenges of swift handling by high-speed machines and rapid movement along conveyor belts. If a packaging film falters, it jeopardises the product’s fitness for sale, or worse, its safety. Hence, comprehensive testing becomes indispensable.


Traditionally, testing the hot tack seal strength was a time-consuming process. Manually loading each film sample into the test machine, running the test, removing the sample and loading a new one. Therefore, to optimise this process, we have automated the whole thing.

The HT-2PC is our hot tack testing machine, and a game-changer in packaging R&D. It’s the fastest on the market, assessing quality and integrity of heat seals within milliseconds of formation.


The new design automates loading and feeding, reducing the likelihood of errors. The playlist-style interface allows up to 40 tests to be queued and executed in rapid succession on the same length of film. In case of a film break, the operator is promptly alerted via the touch screen.

What sets this machine apart is its forward-thinking approach for industry advancements. It accommodates various film types, from traditional hydrocarbon plastics to environmentally friendly options, minimising human error in testing. Trend analysis graphs offer a detailed overview of film performance across multiple test runs.


The ability to conduct more tests in significantly less time translates to more reliable packaging, minimising wastage on the production line and reducing returns. As new film types emerge, this machine allows for a rapid understanding of their performance under the demands of high-speed production processes.

For More information or to request a quote visit the HT-2PC product page.

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