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I Joists & Flooring Systems
Products - JoistsSIPCO can also supply the structural floors for your project. The axial load bearing performance of the SIP wall panels means a variety of flooring systems can be used, however the high performance of the SIP panels can be complimented by the use of modern I joists as the flooring system. SIPCO believe that open steel web, Pozi or Eco joists are the perfect flooring system for a SIP building, since they provide the same cost cutting benefits as the panels.These modern joists are 40% lighter than solid timber floors, with no compromise in span and again, there is an additional labour saving for follow on trades, since electrical cables, and even 100mm waste pipes can pass effortlessly through the open webs of the floor, without the need to notch or cut holes in the joists. The floor system, like the SIP kit is fabricated in a factory environment, meaning installation is quick and simple, with minimal wastage and no defects. The most important benefit however is the long term serviceability of the floor. Moisture movement within traditional timber joists results in shrinkage and subsequently noisy floors under foot. This problem is almost eliminated by using open web joists, and since the timber flanges of the joists are wide section timbers, a more substantial fixing of floor deck is achievable.

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