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2 Tier Desktop Leaflet or Brochure Holder

This is a two tier document holder which is available in two sizes. Choose from 1/3 A4 or A5 in portrait orientation.


The document holder is made from 2mm thick clear styrene, making it light and very portable if you have to travel to different venue and events.

It is 270mm tall by 115mm wide and 119.8mm deep in the 1/3 A4 option. The A5 document holder is 249mm high by 164mm wide and 118mm deep.

It can be used on a desk, reception area or other countertop such as a bar, and it can also be used for wall mounting, It does not have wall mounting holes or brackets pre drilled in the 1/3 A4 unit but the A5 size has these as an option.

For more information on 2 Tier Desktop Leaflet or Brochure Holder talk to Stablecroft Conference Products Ltd

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