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To: Customers and Distributors of StainHD product range It is our intention to make a change as listed below. The details of the change and the reason for it are given below. Please acknowledge receipt of this notification and confirm your acceptance of the change by completing the section in the foot of this document, and emailing a copy of the form to Acceptance of the change is assumed if a response is not received within two weeks of issue of this notification. If you have any difficulties or concerns accepting the change, please contact us immediately. Product: HS380-1L Haematoxylin Weigert Solution B Proposed Change Date: From 1 May 2023 Change Details: We are discontinuing this product from our current catalogue of StainHD products. Reason for Change: We have been reviewing sales of our Horse and Sheep blood products. There are insufficient sales of the products listed in Appendix 1 to continue to include them in our catalogue from 2023. Considerations: This change control is issued to give customers and distributors as much advance notice as possible prior to implementation of the change. Until 1 May 2023 HS380-1L Haematoxylin Weigert Solution B will continue to be available for sale while stocks last. For your information, a certificate of analysis will be available for each product on our website

For more information on TCS BIOSCIENCES LTD, CHANGE NOTICE: CCI 114 talk to TCS Biosciences Ltd

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