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Suppliers Of Human Serum Mixed Pool 1L Non-Sterile, "off the clot"

TCS Biosciences Ltd manufactures and distributes laboratory reagents, test kits, and quality control reagents for the clinical, pharmaceutical, food, and water sectors. For 58 years, TCS has been a leading supplier of animal blood and sera for microbiological use in Europe and is also a prominent player in the UK water industry and the European pharmaceutical market.

TCS is focused on developing its presence and product portfolio in each market sector without compromising its core business value: quality. TCS Biosciences is your partner for life.

TCS is working hard to bring new products and technologies to its customers. The company's active research and development team is currently working on a number of projects.

In addition to developing new products in its laboratories, TCS specialises in commercial collaborations, offering companies that are developing their own technologies access to its technical and marketing expertise, and assisting them to develop products that meet the market's demands.

TCS's areas of expertise include

• Microbiology testing and methods

•Sterile fill solutions

•Freeze drying

•Contract manufacturing and packing

•Marketing, including market assessments, product trials, and product launch

• Distribution capabilities

TCS is always looking for new opportunities. If you would like to discuss a research and development project with the company, please get in touch.

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