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Founded in 1992, Andel Ltd has steadily built on the work of our leading experts in the design, development and application of specialised leak detection and environmental protection systems. Protection of our clients assets is our main focus and all our products aim to protect them and the natural environment. Over the years we have developed a staple of early warning alarm systems for the detection of oil, water and refrigerant gases. These products are complemented by site services covering all aspect of oil storage, bund dewatering and interceptor services. Our latest innovation is the ReBund system. ReBund is the tried and tested, modular, recycled plastic walling system from Andel Ltd. Originally designed to contain oils and prevent pollution of water courses, the system has been re-envisioned to act as a permanent and semi-permanent water barrier. To the end user ReBund has proven itself a better alternative than traditional building materials as it doesn`t require heavy plant or lifting equipment. Its makeup of a variety of plastics ground, mixed and fused under high pressure allows it to be treated in a similar manner to wood with the retaining strength typical of a brick or metal barrier system. With flexible options for installation, ReBund can be installed on almost any substrate from soft ground to hard concrete. ReBund has successfully been installed around generators and transformers across the UK from the almost arctic conditions of northern Scotland down to the balmier climes of the south coast proving itself better in extreme conditions than traditional concrete.
Andel Ltd
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