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Rob Canham: Catering to Your Preferred Learning Style

Our Learning Development team knows how important it is to respect your time and energy. They have purpose-built our courses to be efficient, varied, and engaging to ensure you learn in the way that is right for you.

Rob Canham, SHEQ Manager for Terra Firma, recently completed his NEBOSH Level 6 National Diploma online course with Astutis and spoke with us about his experiences on our online course and how it helped him to capitalise on his learning.


With aspirations to one day become a Health and Safety Director, Rob knew the Diploma would be a necessary step on that ladder.


“It was something that I always imagined myself doing, and obviously passing through all the relevant modules right the way through the diploma. It challenged me while also picking up on some of my limitations and some of the flaws in my knowledge.”


The NEBOSH Diploma is very comprehensive — designed to mould you into a hardened and adaptable health and safety professional. Choosing a training provider can be a daunting process, but thanks to conversations with industry experts and friends, Rob knew that training with us would be the right call.

“Your reputation precedes itself. I hear people talking positively about Astutis. I see people writing and saying good things about Astutis. And I think, for me, when you start to see and hear some of the prestigious individuals within health and safety speaking about Astutis in such a good way, it was a no-brainer to enrol on all my courses with you.”




Rob has completed his entire training journey with Astutis, completing his IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers course and his NEBOSH General Certificate.

“When I did my first qualification with Astutis, I had such a positive experience and I wanted to continue with you. And it's not just the fact that you offer quality training processes. It’s affordable because I funded myself through many of the qualifications personally. I’ve built a relationship with the tutors, and it’s a pleasure to keep growing with the same company.”


He also complimented our sterling customer service, which we were recognised for in January, after achieving our Feefo Platinum Badge Award for the second year in a row.


“I always had a point of contact. So, if I ever needed something, asked for help, or had a question about finances or funding or anything like that, there was always somebody on hand to help.”


Rob has been very vocal and honest about working with ADHD and shares his experiences with others in hopes of spreading awareness. We were thrilled to hear that our online courses helped Rob to manage his concentration throughout his training and stay engaged.


“The quality and ease of the material was something that I really picked up on. I'm quite open and honest about my ADHD. So, I sometimes struggle with my focus and hold my attention. I found out that Astutis used innovative methods and really engaged me, and the variety of material in the online course was so helpful in that process.”

“It wasn't just a lot of reading of course notes. There were lots of different activities that really struck my curiosity, held my attention and encouraged me to look at some of the extended materials that Astutis provided.”


“I loved the Astutis missions and the real-life scenarios they presented you with. I didn’t have to just take in the information and regurgitate it in a different way. The ease of the online course and its module structure helped me to do it at my own pace. When I wasn’t in the right mindset, I could move away from it. Reversely, if I felt I was doing well I could take the bull by the horns and do a couple of hours. The learning checks made me feel like I was really moving forward, and I completed the course relatively quickly because of how it was constructed.”


Rob has also been recognised in the industry for his incredible work and for spreading awareness about ADHD, winning the SHE award for Rising Star of the Year and the IIRSM award for Exceptional Young Person of the Year. These accolades and Rob's approach to his work are a testament to his grit, determination, and positive mindset. Rob concluded by saying his qualifications with Astutis have helped him build confidence in his ability as a professional and develop his own vision for how he wants to work with others.


“The course will really broaden your horizons, and you’ll be able to take it anywhere. It’ll give you better opportunities for the future, and it will absolutely make you a better OHS professional.”


“The qualifications I’ve gained through Astutis have allowed me to really develop myself as a practitioner. It made me feel that not only am I a SHEQ Manager, but I’m Robbie Canham and I can change the face of health and safety. A health and safety practitioner, to a lot of people, is this authoritarian person who just slams the rulebook on the table. I want to build a reputation as someone who can get a solution that benefits everyone whilst keeping workers safe.”

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