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BR Defence are passionate rubber moulding manufactures who produce high quality rubber mouldings and silicone moulded components. We have an extensive range of rubber manufacturing equipment and have been supply all market sectors including defence, automotive, industry and aerospace for the past 30 years. BR Defence manufacture moulded rubber components from a wide range of rubber and silicone compounds and are very proud to offer many rubber grades and specifications including DTD,QX, BS, FDA etc. Are range of rubbers include: Silicone Elastomers (ranging from 10 I.R.H.D to 85 I.R.H.D) Fluorosilicones Rubbers Fluorocarbon (FKM) Rubber / Viton (*) (Dupont) Rubber Grades (to many D.T.D. Standards) Nitrile Rubbers Neoprenes/Chlorprene Rubbers Natural Rubber Grades including MOD DEF STAN -93-30 (QX Issues 1&2) and British Standard (BS) SBR Rubbers EP & EPDM rubbers Butyle Rubbers Polyurethane Rubber (up to 95 I.R.H.D) Epichlorohydrin (Hydrin) Rubber
BR Defence (Rubber Manufacturers)

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