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Savvy up to rising energy prices

Our main driving force, as many of you will know, is that we can and will save clients significant amounts of money by taking smarter and greener steps toward energy use, and all at zero capital cost.

We firmly believe that not only do we all have a huge role to play in making planet-conscious choices in our lives and business, and there really seems no other sensible way forward than implementing greener practices wherever we can. It shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive either. This is why we have worked hard over the last few years to secure funding through a vast network of partners so that we can not only provide you with equipment, servicing and advice, but also take away the sting in the tail by giving you this at zero capital cost.

With energy prices going sky high, and widespread concern over when and how this spike will end, energy consumption is no longer financially viable for many businesses in its current format. This interestingly leads me on to notes I have taken over the past few weeks which have really illustrated to us all here at BPG that now more than ever what we provide and the way we do so is greatly needed.

We have been having to revise current solar proposals as typically (back in October last year) the average price we were seeing for electricity was around the 16p mark and typical ROI on a CAPEX basis would have been six to eight years. As a consequence of this, our clients would automatically look at going down the PPA route, rather than tying up their working capital. We understand that.

However, if we cast this aside and look at now, June 2022 what we are seeing is that the average price is around 42p (and in all; honesty we expect it to keep increasing). This is an alarming difference. Using this figure, it has reduced the ROI on solar to around 3.25 years. Of course, this changes perspective, and we are now seeing more and more of our clients opting for a CAPEX solution.

With energy costs escalating at the current rate I have a feeling that when most of the contracts are renewed in the Autumn, we will be seeing the average price for electricity sitting at around the 50p+ mark. In fact, we are already hearing that clients are paying this new higher (and completely unsustainable amount).

What I would say is that if you have received a proposal from us it would be extremely worthwhile to revisit it. Let’s have a look at how the figures currently stand and how we can help you make significant savings. It’s also worth noting that there are major tax deductions available to businesses under the HM Treasury’s plant and machinery allowances that you could benefit from also by making a switch at this time.

Greener and leaner. That’s what we say. Give us a call and we can revise previous proposals or look at something entirely new. Together, we can massively reduce your energy consumption and associated costs and help you to make sustainable changes that will contribute to protecting our planet.

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