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Unsung Heroes in the Workshop

In a jewellery making workshop, there are a lot of essentials that we are all familiar with. We often focus on key tools like rolling mills, torches and pliers, but here are some tools that we think deserve more recognition in bringing jewellery designs to life. All of the tools mentioned below are available on our website. 


We understand that your main priority is to create stunning jewellery pieces, but it is very important not to forget that safety comes first.  


Did you know that this handy finger protection tape offers more protection than when wearing gloves? If you’re grinding, filing, sanding or polishing, accidentally cutting your skin or filing your fingernails is an unfortunately common problem for jewellery makers.  


This tape protects you from all of that, and even improves your grip when handling small parts. It’s also non-sticky and easy to remove, so won’t feel awkward to use at all.  


If you don’t already have some of this tape, we highly recommend it.  

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