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An overview of the testing facilities at Cranage EMC and Safety

Cranage EMC and Safety is UKAS accredited (number 1833) for testing and evaluating electrical and electronic products, with a team of qualified and experienced engineers providing support with domestic or global trading objectives.

Our facilities are all in one location, and include the following.


EMC Testing

-Emissions and immunity- Our Semi-Anechoic chamber offers testing for radiated emissions up to 26GHz, and our Fully Anechoic chamber has capabilities for radiated RF Immunity up to 6GHz

-Conducted emissions- up to 400 MHz

-We can also offer surge testing up to 24kV and ESD up to 15kV.


Electrical product safety

Our broad range of product safety testing facilities includes:

-Comparative Tracking Index and Proof Tracking Index (CTI and PTI), up to 600V

Drop testing and tumble barrel.

Flammability, Needle Flame and Glow wire. Used to evaluate if materials are flame retardant, we can test up to 1000°c

-EMF testing and surveys. Electromagnetic Field Testing is used to ensure people are not exposed to harmful fields. This forms part of the Health & Safety at Work Act.

-We offer a complete range of mechanical and electrical testing as part of our product safety tests. These include mechanical strength, impact resistance, creepage and clearance, impact hammer, temperature rise and electric strength.


Environmental testing

Our comprehensive environmental testing facilities allow us to simulate the effects of weathering, ageing and degradation or products and materials due to physical agents and environmental conditions. Specialist equipment allows us to simulate the majority of environments in which products may be stored, transported and operated.

-Ingress Protection Testing (IP). We can test dust/solid object ingress up to IP6X and can now offer the water IP testing up to IPX9. IPX9 is the highest level of water ingress testing currently available, and this high-pressure, high-temperature testing is used to evaluate machinery used in highly regulated industries, such as food and beverage, chemical, oil, gas and medical.

-Temperature and humidity – from -70°c to +1300°c, and humidity 20% to 98% RH damp heat

-UV (Solar Radiation) simulation

- Salt spray where we measure the corrosion of metals, plastics, paints and surface coatings to saline solution

-Shock and vibration



If your equipment is large or in-situ, we are able to perform testing on your premises to BS/EN/IEC standards. Our services also include factory inspections, technical support and guidance on regulatory affairs, as well as being able to provide Certified Body reporting for over 50 countries.


Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help with your testing for worldwide markets.

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