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Why do I need EMC Testing?

Electromagnetic Compatibility, or EMC, is the ability of an electrical or electronic item to perform as intended in its environment without interfering with, or being interfered by, other items. Put simply, it means your product will operate as intended, regardless of what is around.


Complying with EMC regulations has been a legal requirement since 1992, when manufacturers and importers of electronic goods had to ensure their items were electromagnetically compatible. There are many industries where an EMC malfunction could have the potential to result in severe injuries, or even death. Medical, military, aerospace or automotive would be examples of such industries.


As EMC is an intangible phenomenon, detailed tests must be carried out in a controlled environment to fully assess an electronic product. It has been suggested that the first time pass rate for EMC testing is as low as 50%, which can prove costly both in product development, testing and time. Using our pre-compliance service will mean your product is evaluated and potential issues identified early on in the process, helping to save time and money.


Get in touch with our team to discuss your EMC testing requirements and how Cranage can work with you to ensure your product is safe and ready for the relevant market.

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