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About Us

Cyclotricity is a designer and manufacturer of electric bicycles and conversion kits in UK. They provide an extensive range of premium electric bike models with innovative designs and advanced features. Shop now and start enjoying the benefits of electric biking!

Our electric bikes offer an incredible energy-saving, green and fun alternative form of transport. To illustrate, the same amount of energy it takes to power a 100w light bulb for an evening would be enough to power our eBike for 20-30 miles! In fuel terms, the energy efficiency of our eBike would be the equivalent of 1500-2000 miles per gallon! No car, motorcycle or moped can come close to such staggering efficiency.
Life on two wheels is something special- at Cyclotricity, we want to make cycling inclusive. Built in Scotland, our pedal assist bikes are designed to the highest specifications. Established in 2010
Cyclotricity was founded out of the increasing demand for affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing electric bikes. Our mission is to utilize advanced technology to give these products a mass appeal and a contemporary look.


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