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Top tips on how to prevent your stock from getting damaged.

When storing your goods on pallet racking in a warehouse there is never a guarantee that they are safe and secure from being knocked or damaged.

With the day-to-day tasks of moving, picking, and restocking goods and the use of machinery, accidental damage can happen, which inevitably costs your business money. Below are some tips on how to help prevent this from happening:

Load Notices

Overloading your warehouse racking not only can damage your goods, but it can also be a great safety risk. Making sure the correct load notices are displayed clearly for workers to see, will ensure no pallets or goods are stored unsafely on your racking.

This is a standard requirement for any warehouse, however ensuring all the staff are aware and educated on what the information on the load notice means can have a great impact.

If your pallet racking system was installed by Dalvie Systems and you require updated load notices, please get in touch 01902 783 784 or email


Enforcing a tidy and organised warehouse can ensure clutter never escalates in the workplace. Having a labelling system will ensure goods are always stored in the correct place, avoiding stock being misplaced or stored unsafely.

We can supply a variety of different warehouse labels – please contact for a quote.

Install Safety Equipment

Creating more robust storage solutions can protect all your goods and staff. There are a variety of small to larger safety features you can install on your pallet racking to give it that extra protection.


Back of rack netting

Bumpers and barriers

Mesh/ timber decks

Column guards

Also providing more robust equipment for your staff to use like safety steps can help avoid more knocks and bumps to your racking. Discover more here.

Racking Inspections

It is a HSE requirement to always ensure you have an annual inspection of your pallet racking, if you have damaged racking that is not repaired, will cause a safety risk to not only your staff but the goods you are storing on the racking.

For more information on Top tips on how to prevent your stock from getting damaged. talk to Dalvie Storage Systems Ltd

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