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Real Time X-Ray Inspection for various parts we've got you covered

Euroteck Systems offer a complete range of real time X-ray systems from 160kV to 450kV. Multiple axis systems with manual and CNC control are available for the inspection of Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic and Cast components.

Euroteck have been the UK distributor for Bosello HT for more than 15 years and we have a great deal of experience in helping customers to choose the correct solution for their application.

Bosello have been building and supplying X-ray systems for the worldwide market for more than 25 years and are now one of the biggest manufacturers of real time X-ray systems.

We can supply a standard range of real time inspection systems, each of which can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

For customers who need a bespoke X-ray system, we can begin with a blank piece of paper and design a special solution. We can do this because mechanical and electrical design and software development are all carried out in-house at Bosello HT.


Certain Bosello X-ray machines can be supplied with optional:

  • Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR). ADR speeds up the inspection process by applying a predefined acceptance criterion to regions of interest applied to the part.
  • Computed Tomography. SRE Max systems can be supplied CT ready, requiring only the addition of CT software such as Volume Graphics CT package to enable the SRE Max to generate CT data. These systems should not be confused with micro-CT systems, more of which can be seen on our Computed Tomography page.

For more information on Real Time X-Ray Inspection for various parts we've got you covered talk to Euroteck Systems UK Ltd

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