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Teledyne ICM CP300D Portable X-ray
Teledyne ICM have released a new 300kV portable X-ray set with ground-breaking features. This ruggedised constant potential X-ray unit has the best power to weight ratio of any portable in the world; with the tube weighing in at just 23kg and the power box at just 8kg, it has a diameter of just 180mm, built in beam collimators and a laser centring device combined with 100% duty cycle. The CP300D will work directly from AC mains supplies between 90 to 264V thereby making it suitable for both site and workshop use. It will also work from a battery through an inverter giving truly portable use in any environment. Please contact for more information or a demonstration.

For more information on Teledyne ICM CP300D Portable X-ray talk to Euroteck Systems UK Ltd

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