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About Us

Formeon are 3D scanning experts delivering 3D scanning and engineering services with experience in a wide range of industries and 3D disciplines from analysis to design.


Our 3D scanning services range from inspection and validation to reverse engineering. Based in the Midlands and merging seamlessly with your design or project processes to help you hit your ever-decreasing timelines.


Our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services help project teams:

  • Free up engineering resources by taking advantage of our 3D scanners’ speed, versatility and accuracy
  • Capture and document free-flowing, complicated surfaces of parts, assemblies or artefacts
  • Generate new CAD data where none exists
  • Inspect and measure parts against CAD or parts against parts with impressive accuracy and reliability


Leverage our engineering and 3D scanning support to bring your projects to a resolution faster and more efficiently with our experience in 3D data capture, measurement and recreation.



3D Scanning

3D scanning aids engineering, reverse engineering, and quality inspection, streamlining development in sectors like motorsport, aerospace and manufacturing. Accurately capturing complex shapes and forms with high accuracy and speed, surpassing traditional measurement methods in many ways.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering involves 3D scanning an existing object to understand its structure, function, and operation, often to replicate or enhance it. It typically starts with 3D scanning to capture precise data, which is then used to create detailed CAD models and reinstate the original design intent.


Part Inspection

Part inspection is the process of capturing and measuring an object's dimensions with 3D scanning and comparing to specified standards or CAD models. Ensuring it meets design requirements, this involves assessing physical characteristics like size, shape, and geometric features for quality control.


Portable 3D Scanning

Our portable 3D scanning service offers unmatched flexibility. Our highly manoeuvrable scanners easily access tight spaces, capturing precise data in challenging locations where others can't, ensuring comprehensive digitisation of complex or difficult geometries.


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