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Georg Fischer are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing piping systems for the safe and secure conveyance of liquids and gases. One-stop shopping at GF Piping Systems with over 40,000 products for diverse applications and specialized markets: from pipes and fittings to valves and measurement instruments and the respective jointing technologies. Tailor-made solutions for any application in which fluids or gases are conveyed, whether for industrial systems, in building technology or for water and gas utilities. Customers around the world depend on GF Signet for quality flow and analytical products which are simple to operate, and generate reliable results for all their process requirements. Engineered to provide reliable, accurate information, Signet instruments are used in applications ranging from water and wastewater treatment to chemical processing. Examples of installations include AWE, National Grid, Wembley Stadium, Univar Chemicals, Rockwood Electronics and Brenntag Chemical Distribution. COOL-FIT is a complete pre-insulated plastic pipe system for secondary cooling and refrigeration piping systems. The system is based on the tried and tested ABS plastic system from GF, which contains pipe, fittings, valves and transition fittings

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