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CTC – 100 years!
CTC has been around for 100 years – back in 1923 the company started in Gothenburg but after only a few years the production was moved to Ljungby. The man who initiated and founded CTC was Gunnar Richard Tellander. He showed an interest in technical innovation and business from an early age. CTC is mainly associated with boilers and, in later years, heat pumps, but in the first twenty years, at the beginning of the 20th century, Tellander developed many ideas on heating, sanitation and hygiene, as can be seen from all the patent applications that were filed. It was therefore not boilers that were at the centre of the business in the early days, but valves, hot air devices and sanitary ware were on the agenda. It was only with Tellander’s Patent No 1,810,798, “Hot water supply system” in the late 1920s that the focus on heaters and boilers was to take off. There are two versions of what CTC stands for: the Latin phrase “Cum Tentatione Corregendi”, which means “for further improvement”, or the initials of the names Celsius, Tellander and Clarin. No one knows the truth for sure and some of the mystery surrounding the name CTC must remain.

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