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Go Geothermal Ltd - Your one stop shop solution for Ground, Water & Air Source. Specialities & Unique Selling Points First and foremost WE specialize in and only sell Geothermal products. Go Geothermal offers the installer a number of benefits; British or European sourced materials from environmentally responsible manufacturers and UNBIASED advice. We do not see the logic in sourcing cheaper goods from the other side of the world only to add to the pollution and environmental damage overseas, which by definition your clients are looking to avoid. All our materials are designed and intended for use in this market. Such is our confidence in our pipe that we offer warranty and support should failures occur under normal Geothermal conditions. Utilising the correct materials enables Go Geothermal to offer the peace of mind you should expect as an installer that if there are any quality issues we have the full support and back up of our manufacturers.

Go Geothermal Ltd
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