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Podcast debut

Podcast debut

Go Geothermal will this month make its Podcast debut as we discuss the part we are playing to tackle climate change by accelerating the transition to renewable heat and power.


On 30th November 2023, one of our Directors, Tim Williams, and our Operations Manager Kevin Donovan-Ritch will appear on Teesside University International Business School’s Master of Business Podcast series.

The pair will be interviewed by Podcast Host Dr Noel Dennis (Associate Dean) about green energy and sustainability and what Go Geothermal has been doing to champion renewable energy technology since it was established in 2006.

In particular, they will highlight the important role heat pumps will play in helping the UK meet its 2050 net zero carbon target.


Tim and Kevin will also be joined by representatives from Theo James Recruitment and Renewable Energy Network to discuss the increasing employment and training opportunities in the renewable energy sector as the UK builds up to 2050.


Tim Williams said: “Go Geothermal was established in 2006 at a time when renewable energy products were still very much in their infancy and now, almost 20 years later, we have grown to become one of the UK’s largest suppliers of heat pumps.


“This means we can talk with authority on the subject and the challenges that still need to be addressed if we are to realise our net zero ambitions as a nation.

“This includes ensuring we have the necessary skills and experience within the UK workforce to push forward the renewable energy agenda between now and 2050.


“We are therefore looking forward to appearing on the Podcast with our recruitment and training partners.

The Master of Business Podcast involves Dr Noel Dennis chatting to a range of influential and inspirational business leaders and academics. In a series of informal interviews, Noel discusses a variety of topical business issues and delves into factors which have led to their success. Noel and his guests also deliberate how businesses can overcome current and upcoming challenges, in a business environment which is increasingly complex and competitive.

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