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Established in 1987 Greenbarnes Ltd quickly became an established supplier of external notice boards and display cases in a variety of materials. Continued expansion of the company’s activities has seen it develop into a supplier of signage for the local authorities, churches, schools and landscaping markets. In addition to this Greenbarnes has developed products and services in a number of niche markets including the provision of hymn boards, honours and incumbents boards, bespoke cabinet making and internal notice boards. Both directors of the company have a design background, something which has been reflected throughout the development of the company with great emphasis placed on the provision of quality products. Our original “Modular Range” hardwood notice board was born as a result of much research and design work aimed at combating the perennial problems of weatherproofing, condensation and locking. In recent years, whilst we have been flattered by the many who have sought to follow in our footsteps, we have not been resting on their laurels. Indeed, constant minor improvements in specification and expansion of the range available have served to keep us ahead of the competition We were early advocates of the use of recycled materials in street furniture and introduced the first of what is now an extensive range of maintenance-free “Man-made Timber” recycled plastic notice boards as early as 1994. Today we supply as many of our Man-made Timber notice boards as we do traditional hardwood boards. Our ranges of aluminium cases encompass a wide spectrum of products from A4 menu cases up to large scale poster cases, with an emphasis on high quality common throughout, whilst signage projects range from the supply of simple flat plate aluminium signs to elaborate bespoke project featuring hand-carved lettering. As a company we are well-established enough to provide continuity of service whilst remaining small enough to be adaptable. If you have a project which you feel we would be able to assist please contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a “no obligation” quotation.
Greenbarnes Ltd
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