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About Us

The mission of HARVEST AGRI Ltd is to assist farmers, agronomists, food importers and consultants who are serious about MANAGING their operations to MEASURE and record important parameters affecting their plants and crops such as temperature, pH, rainfall, soil compaction, chlorophyll, nitrate, dry matter, etc. We work closely with a number of University Research departments and are able to supply unique equipment to meet their needs. Most of the items we stock are hand held and are suitable for use in the field. We also have a specific laboratory range. If the farmer takes the measurements, we are happy to provide interpretation and advice based on the readings. The more history which can be built up, the better the likely outcome. We import from a variety of sources including USA, Austria, Japan, UK and China. The instruments we carry are good value-for-money and in most cases, have been tried and tested over years.

Harvest Agri Ltd

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