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A day in the life

A day in the life
In this continued series, we’ll be introducing you to members of our company’s staff. By showing you their typical day, you’ll get an insight into how we work to produce the best service and products possible to deliver on the promises we make to our clients. In this instalment, meet Adrian Law, Commercial Director from our Wiltshire Head Office, Adrian has been with the company for 16 years. Adrian has invested many hours developing i Wall’s overall narrative and representing the company at a wide range of external events , mainly golf, his main passion in life, second only to his beloved Tottenham Hotspur! When Adrian finally makes it into the office (haha) he ultimately heads up the business development arm of the company, but his role can and does extend to anything project related. He is responsible for financial management of projects, putting together bids for new work and negotiating and agreeing contracts, often worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Through networking events Adrian also builds relationships with key industry people and organisations

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