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Efficient Heating For Kennels And Catteries
Animal welfare is extremely important and the latest licensing regulations mean that it is essential to have a heating system which can provide the appropriate levels of comfort. Based on our market-leading infrared heating panels, we have in conjunction with one of the UK's leading kennel builders, developed the perfect solution. Our Pet Heaters come in a variety of sizes making them suitable for kennels or pet houses of all sizes. Key features of our pet heaters: Highly efficient radiant panel, giving opportunities for saving on energy bills

Impervious chemical grade polymer coating. Easy to disinfect, unaffected by uric acid, saliva etc.

Fast and responsive heating

Lightweight, discrete panels

Zero Maintenance - no need for checking for failed bulbs or heating elements

10 year guarantee

A range of fixings is available to allow for the best method of mounting in the animals' housing. We have happy customers all over the country including the RSPCA (multiple sites), Peticular Pens, April Cottage Cattery and Copdock Kennels & Cattery. The IHP Pet Heater is the perfect solution for heating for animal housing.

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