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John Mayes Engineers have been a family-run business since their conception in 1959. A small company with a long-serving workforce, they have steadily grown into an important supplier for the Petro-chemical, process, energy and Allied industries. They were one of the forerunners to stock and manufacture fittings in chrome-moly materials such as F5, F9, F11 and F22. Continued diversity in both materials and products manufactured has ensured continuity with customers – new and old.


“Customer service is our main focus. It is our philosophy to deliver exactly what our customers need, exactly when they need it. If a customer needs an item tomorrow, it’s no good telling them delivery is going to be a week. We supply components to demanding markets; and as such, delivery is as critical as the quality, price and materials we use. As a consequence, we find that we are constantly juggling jobs around to satisfy our customer's needs. After all, we can only sell an item when a customer wants to buy it.”  John Mayes British Standard (BS)


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John Mayes Engineers

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