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E1 Openable Acrylic Printed Promotional Keyring
The E1 is a re-openable keyring, with a passport sized branding area, ideal for a paper insert or photo. It can be re-opened as many times as you like enabling you to change details within the keyring whenever you like. Take for example a job we've produced for a container shipping company - they have hundreds of containers coming and going every day - each of which need a key to open. The E1 keyring enables this company to effectively tag each key with individual codes (and in a very cost effective way). Each time a container leaves the dock they can simply switch the printed insert and re-label the keytag. Simple, effective and very cheap these customidable promotional keyrings are perfect for people who need to be able to change the insert easily. This can enable the user -with only a twist of a coin- to quickly note down the vehicle's number plate as a car's keys are left at a garage, the door codes written by an estate agent when handing keys over to a new tenant, or any number of uses depending on the situation. As well as being easy to change the insert, they are also perfect to hold a folded up document inside, displaying a city centre map at a tourist centre, a bus/train timetable or a menu for a restaurant. Despite the extremely good value of these handy key rings their high quality smooth finish and tough exterior ensure that they will be long lasting.

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