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Huntington’s Optimum

Product Code: KK5476

Huntington’s Optimum
Huntington’s Optimum Bed The Huntington’s Optimum provides a safe sleeping environment for people with Huntington’s. The strong padded surround is attached to a base sheet on all four sides which helps to eliminate gaps. The padding will lower the risk of impact injuries as the safe sides are equipped to absorb the force of involuntary movements. The padding will also help maintain skin integrity. The height adjustment function allows the person to be cared for on the bed and transferred without risk to the person or their carers. It will also help to minimise the risk of falls and aid safe manual handling. Four-part profiling can help with respiration. If a person is being peg fed or just resting in bed after a meal, elevating the head rest can minimise the risk of aspiration. Applying the knee brake when elevating the head end of the bed will bend the knees and stop the person slipping down the bed. Strong, removable safety bars add extra strength and durability. Please contact us on 01978820714 if you would like to arrange an assessment.

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